2015 Yamaha 48 volt electric golf cart 6″ lift, Candy blue, LEDs, rear flip seat, warranty

2015 Yamaha 48v electric golf cart the following is included in this package and price:

$5400 with good used trojan batteries
$6300 with brand new trojan batteries

-Professional Candy blue pearl metallic paint on original OEM body.
-New 6” lift kit
-New 12” tire and wheel combination of your choice many to choose from in stock!
-New rear flip down seat with matching upholstery
-New tinted fold down windshield
-New LED head and tail lights
-Stock stone yamaha roof w/ guttering system ( black roofs available )
-Fresh black upholstery front and rear. ( other upholstery also available )
-Good tested charger
-90 day bumper to bumper warranty