2016 Yamaha 48 volt electric golf cart Green, 4 seat, LED lights, trojan batteries, charger, warranty

2016 Yamaha 48v electric golf cart the following is included in this package and price:

$3800 with good used tested batteries ( covered under our 90 day bumper to bumper warranty )
$4700 with brand new trojan batteries ( covered under 1 year manufacturers warranty )

-Original emerald green yamaha body in excellent shape

-New rear flip down seat kit with matching upholstery   ( or steel utility bin if you prefer that )

-Stock tan yamaha roof with guttering system and handles.

-No windshield is included a new windshield is optional add $150

-New LED head and tail lights

-Good tires no leaking, bald, or dry rotted tires. ( FREE SPARE TIRE AND WHEEL ASSEMBLY )

-Good stone ( tan ) upholstery no rips or tears. ( other colored upholstery also available )

-Good tested Trojan batteries ( or upgrade to new see pricing above )

-Good tested charger

-90 day bumper to bumper warranty